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Understanding Eating Habits is the Key To A Successful Diet

Posted in diet on January 15, 2009 by living

While we can’t review ourselves with animals we can start in order to understand eating habits and the reason why humans become by weight.

Consider how multiple animals you will see this are over weight. In the wild you wouldn’t find any and it is not because of a lack of food – although this certainly will cause a wild animal in order to be under weight.

No; even where there is abundance of food animals in the wild don’t get obese like humans do and it is not because of their metabolism or digestive systems.
It is because they are eating the accurate foods that nature designed their systems in order to eat to enCertain this they are getting the right nutrition to hold great health and obesity certainly isn’t a fantastic healthy state in order to be in.

I doubt you will find any animals that are obese other than those that we retain as pets and this is considering humans not only eat the wrong foods themselves however they also feed their pets the wrong foods.

We feed our pet’s processed pet food that has all sorts of colors, additives and other garbage that they were never designed in order to have.
And the result of feeding them a poor eating habits is the high and ever increasing incidence of diabetes in domestic animals.

We are not only making ourselves sick with poor food choices however we are bear in mind reducing the chances our pets have of living long and healthy lives.

Just like the food we buy for ourselves, the food we buy for our pets is often determined over the quality of the marketing campaigns that promote those foods.

So the only living beings that seem in order to make the wrong choices in food consumption are humans and we are supposed to be the most intelligent!

And the only other living beings that are affected over naughty food consumption are pets because they have to rely on the bad decisions this are made by humans.


Dieting and Age

Posted in diet on January 1, 2009 by living

There’s no doubt about the fact this the body changes as we age and fat is stored in places this we didn’t have to worry about when we were younger.

The metabolism slows and the digestive system doesn’t work as well as it once did.

Hormonal changes in the body may To some degree affect the shape that you are in on the other hand there is one thing that always remains the same at all ages – whether you eat too much food and drink extreme alcohol you will gain weight.

several people use their age as an excuse for being over weight however that is not acceptable. think how several elderly people there are who are still slim, fit and healthy and you will see that age is not an excuse.

Lifestyles create the body we have in order to live with and the effects of poor lifestyle choices are multiplied as we age considering the abuse that we have been giving our body through poor food choices throughout our life accumulates with fat and other health related problems due to naughty nutrition.

You should and should  expect in order to maintain your fat percentage at an optimum level all through your life. The health benefits from doing so will pay dividends with a better quality of life and reduced dependence on medication and other health related expenditure as you age.

At any stage in your life, no matter how old you are you may benefit from improved nutrition and exercise.

Anything this will reduce the excess levels in your body fat will assist in helping you to live longer and in order to enjoy this time more.

Starting on an exercise program and taking care to improve your nutrition is the best way in order to turn back the body clock and it is never too late to start winding back the years. Obviously the sooner you begin the better in contrast starting is the essential ingredient that you need right now.